Thanks for visiting. It seems that you are seriously trying to make it big in trading & your choice for taking up CMT designation will play a vital role in the same. This designation is for the one who wants to go into the depts of technical analysis, quantitative analysis, systematic or algorithmic trading & risk management. Here, we have tried our best to address frequently asked or all the basic questions that a student has before joining our classes.

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Why should I go for Preparation Classes?

One can get the proper perspective from experienced & of course CMT-cleared teachers before they begin their journey. Our classes are not just about clearing the examination, it is about developing a strong foundation of understanding for the students & also guiding or handholding them through the process of development of deeper understanding.

Get all your doubts cleared without wasting the time in the hunt for answers. Our focus won’t just be about bombarding students with the information but also give them the right perspective over the usage of the same knowledge in the practical world or live markets.

Get updated information about everything that is required to know before attempting the examination. Complete assistance over the preparation up until one clears the examinations. No fees or the fees will be zero if an existing or enrolled student fails the examination & wants to enroll again for the next batch of the same level, that too for any number of times.

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Why should I go for Live-Interactive Preparation Classes instead of pre-recorded?

Live classes have always proved to be better than recorded classes. Due to student’s requests, we are maintaining our classes as a LIVE-INTERACTIVE Class. We believe only if the students are intimately involved in the process of learning through constant interaction with their teacher, they will be able to add worthwhile value.

Will I get study or revision materials?

Usually, classes or teachers teach using the PPTs & share the same. But we have stopped that system because we have realized that PPTs should preferentially be used for business presentations, webinars or maybe for one-shot class but is not suitable for proper classes & students who want to read, reflect & contemplate. Hence, we have fallen back to proper word documents with diagrams.
These word documents with diagrams, which would be an essence, for every chapter, will be provided to the students.

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How will we take care of your doubts?

Our intention is to keep this flexible & comfortable for the students. One can ask questions in the live-Interactive classes. We can have a special separate class for doubt clearing. We will also be adding students to an online group where all the doubts can be posted & giving birth to all sorts of interesting conversations & interactions among all the students. This will make it interesting & a joyful process of meeting & discussing with like-minded people & making friends which contains possibilities for future collaboration & partnerships.

Will I get practice or mock test papers?

Yes, you will be provided with 2 mock test papers for every level. We are also planning to arrange one practice exam with a similar interface as PROMETRIC (Where you will be giving your actual exam).


Please check the below cards of all three levels where fees are mentioned. The amount we charge is reasonably low when compared to industry standard.

If you genuinely want to make it big in this industry & clear all three levels of CMT, we can say it without any sense of doubt that, “Our Live-Interactive Preparation Classes is the right choice for you”


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